21st century is an era of anxiety and rush in which between everyday responsabilities we forget about how and with what we feed our body.

Even to those whom a propper meal is an important part of everyday life can find time to buy products and cook, not even talking about dishwashing and cleaning of the kitchen after preparing a meal.

Eliminating the feeling of hunger in a hurry and using products that come from unknown origin and ingridients your body is not fully provided with everything necessary for wholesome functionality.

On the road there will always be a place where you can have a quick and convinient meal but is it a proper meal?

We have not invented how to multiply the number of hours a day but we have invented an opportunity that will allow you to gain extra energy, health and will save time

Food is your fuel, your main source of energy and health.

You don’t have to worry anymore about your body receiving a proper, balanced meal that is already in portions and cooked for you.

We have created an opportunity that you can say: “Thank you!”

An opportunity that every single body will say: “Thank you!”

An opportunity that wont allow this century to influence your meal.

We have named this opportunity Food Factory.

Food Factory is probably one of the friendliest concepts that is made not only for those who regularly does sports but also to everyone that wants to live a healthier lifestyle.

Food Factory koncepts, iespējams, ir pats draudzīgākais no konceptiem un radīts ne tikai tiem, kuri regulāri nodarbojas ar sportu, bet ikvienam, kurš vēlas piekopt veselīgāku dzīvesveidu.

By supporting local markets we offer as much as possible local production and goods from local farms.

✓ Yes, it is healthy, balanced and right diet that we will deliver to your door.

✓ Yes, proper nutrition experts and users develop it all.

✓ Yes, it is also suitable for housewives, elderly people, office workers, students, professional athletes and beginners.

✓ Yes, it is very delicious.

✓ Yes, there is a fulfilling second course meal and deserts.

✓ Yes, we have indicated how many grams are in each portion and the nutritional value of each product / meal.

✓ Yes, in order to take care of professional athletes we have included meals in menu that are enriched with protein to achieve better results.

✓ Yes, we have chosen a preparation technology that will allow leaving behind unnecessary sweeteners or unhealthy animal fat.

✓ Yes, we have crated a nutritional program that will allow you to loose weight, keep you in shape or if needed – gain weight.

✓ Yes, we have thought about an offer for kids.

✓ Yes, we have taken care of vegetarian options.

✓ Yes, you can order up from our website without registration.

By delivering food we will make sure that it is fresh and qualitative for multiple days by packing it correctly and avoiding usage of preservatives.

All raw materials that we use are before carefully checked.

About delivery you can find more information here.

Options create opportunities that’s why in addition to everything you will be able to:

✓ In collaboration with Food Factory team of professionals you will be able to create personalized nutrition program that will give you the chance of loosing extra weight, maintain your current weight or gain additional weight.

✓ You can order by calling + 371 22005550

✓ Chance to become Food Factory loyal client, receiving different bonuses; chance to receive relevant news to your email and even discounts. (Register your profile here)

Remember, no diet will be able to achieve results that healthy and correct eating can.

With confidence about correct nutrition,

Your Food Factory

Since 2015