1Does Food Factory offer the possibility to compose a personalized diet plan?
Yes, Food Factory offers the possibility of creating a personalized diet plan using the knowledge and experience of our specialists.
2Is it possible to sign up on your website?
Yes, it is possible to sign up on our website and create a personal Food Factory account.
3What is the expiry date if you order in the food?
We guarantee a three-day expiry date to our delivery meals and products.
4Can you heat the containers in a microwave?
Yes, Food Factory containers can be heated in the microwave and can be stored in the fridge.
5Do you have meals for vegetarians?
Yes, we offer vegetarian options.
6While ordering is it possible to specify products that i’m alergic to?
Yes, we try to think about everybody therefore there is a possibility to specify products that you are allergic to or you don’t want to be added for a different reason.
7Is there an offer for children?
Yes, in our menu you can find an offer for children.
8Do you deliver outside borders of riga?
To agree about delivery outside borders of Riga please get in contact with us.