Meal sets

According to the situation in the world and with the rapid increase in bills for gas/electricity - we want to be ready and prepared in time and to be ready for the beginning of the heating season and the end of the year.

Therefore, starting from this weekend, we will make many energy efficiency improvement works in our large production facilities.

We will give our chefs the opportunity to take a short, but well-deserved rest. We will use this time to make our menus even tastier and more diverse. We will come back healthier, stronger and with new ideas!

Stay tuned for updates. In case of questions, feel free to call +371 22005550.

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Omnivore weekly menu 2900+kcal

Breakfast Lunch Lunch Dinner Snacks
Monday Oatmeal with nuts, dried fruit and chocolate Chicken with sweet and sour vegetables, whole-grain pasta Cod fish with brown rice, lentils and seasonal vegies Skimmed milk cottage cheese with mango, peppermint and homemade bread Mediterranean salad, homemade bread, apple, banana, apple muffin
Tuesday Omelet with shrimp and avocado Grilled salmon with lentils and steamed vegetables Beef wrap with vegetables Sweet potato pancakes with bacon Pear, banana, cottage cheese pie with banana and mix of nuts
Wednesday Rice porridge with nuts, dried fruit and dates Calf with pearl barley and roasted pumpkin Chicken with mashed sweet potato and garden veggies Soy bean, broccoli and egg salad Banana brownie, mixed nuts
Thursday Strawberry, banana pancakes with chocolate Turkey burger with brown rice and sweet and sour vegetables Turkey and egg noodle Wok Chicken wrap with vegetable mix. Apple, apple muffin x2, banana
Friday Greek yogurt with chia seeds Turkey shish kebab with brown rice, vegetables and nuts Tuna fish with brown rice and steamed vegetables Whole-grain pasta salad with avocado and nuts Banana, apple, protein cookies
Saturday Double fresh cottage cheese with greens and homemade bread Pancakes with turkey Double chicken breast with sweet chilli, pineapple and egg noodles Salmon – cream cheese wrap Fresh fruit salad and nuts
Sunday Homemade pancakes with seasonal berries Double turkey kebab with vegetables Double red cabbage salad with soy beans and pistachios Cabbage – zucchini pancakes Low-fat yoghurt dessert with berries

Active menu: 1. menu