Meal sets

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Sets for weight loss (1500-1700kcal)

4 meals per day

From 15 €/day

For food quality, delivery will be made every three days. 5-day kit will have two deliveries. The first delivery will be made in two days.


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Omnivore weekly menu 1500-1700kcal

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
Monday Omlet with vegetables and salmon Beef quesadilla with avocado and vegetables Sweet potato pancakes with herbs and Greek yogurt Skimmed milk cottage cheese cake with dried fruit
Tuesday Chicken sandwich with homemade whole grain bread and vegetables Salmon fillet with brown rice and green vegetables Avocado, tomato salad with homemade whole grain rye pasta and mozzarella Home made rice cakes, with fresh cranberry jam, banana
Wednesday Skimmed milk cottage cheese pancakes Veal burger with buckwheat and sweet and sour vegetables Chicken quesadilla with spinach, herbs and vegetables Apple muffin with protein, apple
Thursday Four-grain porridge with nuts and dried fruit Salmon fillet with lentils and green vegetables Fresh salad with green beans, turkey breast and egg Banana brownie with protein
Friday Power porridge with nuts and dried fruit Turkey roast with plant root pudding and onion marmalade Skimmed milk cottage cheese with mango, peppermint and homemade bread Quinoa tabule, fresh salad, homemade bread, banana
Saturday Omlet with veggies and wholegrain bread Buchwheat with beef and fresh carrot salad with nuts Cod fillet with rice and beetroot salad Fresh apple
Sunday Wholegrain oatmeal with flaxseeds, banana and cashews Wholegrain noodles with chicken breast and fresh carrot salad Salmon fillet with owen-baked sweet potato and cherry tomatoes Sandwich with mozarella cheese

Vegetarian weekly menu 1500-1700kcal

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
Monday Omlette with vegetables Rice with beans and peanuts Sweet potato pancakes with greek yoghurt Cottage cheese with dried fruits
Tuesday Wholegrain sandwich with mozarella Brown rice with green veggies and tofu Avocado, tomato salad with wholegrain pasta Homemade rice galetes with jam
Wednesday Cottage cheese pancakes Vegetarian risotto Quesadilla with veggies Apple maffin, apple
Thursday 4 grain porridge with dried fruits Tagliatelle with vegetables Fresh salad with beans and egg Banana brownie
Friday Power porridge with dried fruits Pea balls with lemon couscous Cottage cheese with mango and bread Tabule, salad with tomatoes and cucumber
Saturday Omlet with veggies and wholegrain bread Buckwheat with vegetarian meatball adn carrot salad with nuts Risotto with vegetables Apple
Sunday Wholemeal with flaxseeds, cashews and stamped banana Noodles with chickpeas egg and carrot salad with nuts Mashed sweet potato with bean sauce Wholegrain sandwich with mozarella